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Sunny Media Marketing Solution is a local media marketing company that helps local small businesses reach out to new and existing customers and achieve their business goals. We can help you with all aspects of your online presence from your website to your social media platforms and everything in between.  

Our Approach

Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around Research & Learning about your business. So, we can help you better.

Research is the key to find the right solutions to your business.

Today, we have access to so many resources that benefit your business. Most people even do not know about their business. They have not done their research. I hope you have done it and know your business very well.

What is exactly you sell?

Who is your audience or customers?

What is the demography of your customers?

What is the best way to communicate with your customers?

Who are your competitions?

What do they do to help their customers?

What is the best marketing strategy to market your business?

Lets talk about your business and make a better marketing plan to build your business.

Our Awesome Team

Viraj Amarasinghe

Founder & CEO

My desire is to help more business to succeed in their goals.  

Deborah Adepiti

Executive Assistant

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